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Atelier Gabrielle

My name is Katrien, I have a passion for interior design and I have been completely obsessed with pottery for several years now. I also like to indulge in the kitchen and can relax in the vegetable garden. I love to combine all of this, cooking with vegetables from my own garden and served in plates and bowls turned by myself: that makes me happy!


As a potter I indulge myself in my studio. With clay as a basic material, and the turntable as a tool, I mainly make consumables such as bowls, plates, dishes, milk jugs, vases, etc.

But pottery is much more than turning. There's the finishing, the firing, the glazing. Countless possibilities make it a captivating world full of surprises.



When staying in our B&B you always have the option to buy homemade stoneware. The offer changes regularly, but is always extensive enough to be able to find something to your taste. 

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